Website Speed and Security Analysis


What exactly is a website analysis?

Testing the website and explaining the results – We'll measure your website using a couple of smart online tools. Then we'll go through the results together, so you know exactly what's slowing your website down and what's best avoided.

Charts, data, and charts again – Charts and graphs are the best way to show everything. We love them. We'll use a couple of pie charts to visualize the audit results.

Recommendations and improvement suggestions – Finally, we'll suggest a couple of improvements and, perhaps, go on working together.


What do we check?

The volume of JavaScript code can be crucial to the performance of a website, as can its correct syntax.

Fonts and typefaces
You'd be surprised, but sometimes even a small thing like a poorly chosen font puts a strain on the web.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Duplicate code, excessive use of !important, or large CSS libraries can all affect site performance.

You know that feeling when you leave a site because it won't load quickly? Having images on the web is pretty much a necessity these days, but unnecessarily large ones affect loading the most. The site immediately has a few more kilos of data and works much slower. And trust us, no visitor wants to wait for a slow website.

PHP processes
Profiling, profiling and profiling... Thanks to profiling, you can find out what plugin, template, or individual feature is hindering the overall performance of the site.